The Event Badge Toolkit: 5 W's of NFC/RFID, QR-codes, and Beacons

Technology has been facilitating planning processes since the 80s and before. But in the 1980s, technology made the modern world. This is when a number of technologies today got their start. Just recently it has propelled itself for use during the event to engage and encourage attendee participation.

We're starting to define ourselves more by what we experience, rather than what we own. Event professionals who can recognize and take advantage of this shift are going to be strongly positioned to engage with audiences going forward.

In this toolkit, you'll learn how to bring ROI to event badging by leveraging event technology to create unique and innovative experiences for your attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

Get the guide and you'll learn:
• When and where to incorporate event technologies at your event based on
best practices
• What to consider when choosing the right badge for different engagement
• Why use badge analytics to optimize your event badging plan
• Which technology is right for your engagement use case
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